The Den

Dens are card holder exclusive spaces where business owners will have private access to all the top of the line resources they need to work, unwind, meet or stay. ZORI Dens can be permanent venues or set up in temporary locations with rotating themes.
Card network
# of Dens: Private
Locations: Private
Launch Date: Jan 2024


MEET - Dens are beautifully designed to nurture old connections and build new ones, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences.


WORK - Get stuff done at luxury working spaces fully equipped with working desks, private studios, creative labs, meeting rooms, screening rooms and more. We're working to make sure that work never has to feel like work.


RECHARGE - We're prioritizing the mental health of our card holders, equipping Dens with chill rooms/spaces, wellness rooms, a luxury gym and spa along with certified professionals who are always there whenever you need them. Members will be able to fully recharge before setting off towards their next mission.

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