The black card for leaders

Thank you so much for all the love! The first waitlist is now closed!
We'll let you know when we open the second round but until then, stay tuned!

All the capital you need with a single black card

Super high limits over one premium physical card and infinite virtual cards, flexible lines of credit with no interest charged ever, we empower you to surpass your limits

The ultimate concierge

Outsource all your lifestyle needs from trip/vacation planning, dining reservations, hard to get tickets and more. We can cater to almost any needs you have.

ZORI Exclusive

Exclusive VIP access to private events, auctions, shopping, experiences, off market hotel and villa accommodation and more.

The community

Connect with fellow high achievers, take part in professional and personal development events such as panels and round tables. Start, build and nurture new relationships through exclusive networking events organized by ZORI

Business concierge

As a card member we'll work with you to plan and launch new products, find new business partners within our network, secure financing, grow your footprint and more. Outsource your needs as a business owner to us

A black card built to empower leaders with a vision

No pull on your credit, ever!

ZORI never uses your credit history to issue cards. We instead focus on your social media, business size and/or fan base to approve you.

Dynamic spend limits

Spend limits on your black card are based on things like your social media stats, cash flow, business growth and consistently grow as you grow

Advances at 0% interest

The black card gets you access to flexible, interest free advances whenever you need them. No need to wait to get paid ever again.

Customizable cash back

Chose where to generate cash back. Re-invest in your business from spending at the places that matter most to you

Truly global

The ZORI black card can be issued to Japanese residents anywhere in the world and is repayable in local currencies

Got any questions

You can't possibly offer advances at 0%, can you?

Shh! Still a secret. But yes, yes we can. We're building the ZORI black card to be the only credit-based financial product you'll ever need. Once you're with us, you'll never need to look elsewhere for the capital you need. Join the waitlist for more info on how this is going to work.

No credit checks? Really?

Yes, REALLY! All we need is some basic information, your social media handle and/or business info as well as a primary bank account and you're good.

Who can get a black card from ZORI?

The ZORI black card is built for entrepreneurs active in the internet economy including but not limited to Youtube, TikTok, Instagram, eCommerce, ad agencies and more. If you travel frequently or spend a lot on ads, equipment and/or merch, we'd be happy to have you. We starting off with entrepreneurs in the Japan and will continue to expand in future.